St. Petersburg Federal Research Center
of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Mission and tasks

SPC RAS mission – is to become the ecosystem of natural and artificial intelligence aimed at turning scientific ideas into applied technologies for comfortable life of people.

SPC RAS objective – is the resources integration in transdisciplinary research that provides harmonious interaction of scientific educational and industrial communities for solving priority/primary problems of North-West region and promotion of St. Petersburg as a scientific center of Russia.

SPC RAS priorities are:

  • development of high-tech infrastructure for basic research and serial science-intensive production;

  • forming new laboratories intended for engagement of young university graduates at that ensuring compliance with the starting enabling environment for their professional and career growth as well as for realization of original challenging ideas under the support of leading scientific schools;

  • forming corporate academic culture aimed at strengthening peers horizontal relations, consolidating efforts at solving transdisciplinary tasks and raising the prestige of the scientist profession.