St. Petersburg Federal Research Center
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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Informatics and Automation (SPIIRAS Proceedings)

Topics :

  • Information security
  • Artificial intelligence, knowledge and data engineering
  • Digital information and telecommunication technologies
  • Robotics, automation and control systems
  • Mathematical modeling and applied mathematics
Indexing systems: SCOPUS, WoS, RSCI, VAK. Quartile: Q3

Izvestiya Russkogo Geograficheskogo Obshestva

The journal covers topical and debatable, theoretical and applied problems of modern geography and related Sciences. Special attention is paid to the publications on major national economic problems related to the economy spatial organization and regional development, rational use of natural resources and conservation of natural diversity. The number of authors is constantly expanding, being supplemented by leading scientists and practitioners from geography related areas. Also the journal covers problems of methodology and methods for geographical research, raises the issues of geographical education. Editions of “Izvestiya Russkogo Geograficheskogo Obshestva” introduce readers to the latest accomplishments in the theory and practice of geographical and related Sciences.


  • Major problems of national economy
  • Economy Spatial organization and regional development
  • Economy Spatial organization and regional development
  • Conservation of natural diversity
  • Methodology and methods for geographical research
  • Problems of geographical education
Indexing systems: RSCI, VAK.

Regional Ecology

The Regional Ecology is a peer-reviewed journal publishing original research results, as well as scientific reviews and reports, conference proceedings, reviews of scientific reports on the results of basic and applied research into global and regional changes taking place in the nature-society system. The priority publication is most likely for papers on environmental safety, environmental protection, synecology, autecology, human ecology and eco-economic problems of nature management and sustainable socio-economic development of natural-economic systems.

Materials submitted for publication should fall within the following scientific fields: biology, engineering sciences, Earth sciences, and environmental economics.


  • Earth Sciences
  • Biology
  • Engineering Sciences
  • Ecological Safety
  • Agroecology
  • Environmental economics
Indexing systems: RSCI

Journals on the SPC RAS electronic editorial platform

Information and Control Systems

“Information and Control Systems” is a peer reviewed periodical edition launched in 2002 and issued six times a year (at the end of every even month).

The journal operates as an open access system.

The most important task of the journal is to reflect the advancements of Russian and foreign scientists doing research in computing and computer technologies as specialized in engineering, mathematics, medicine, biology and education.

Both domestic and international scientists are invited to submit their articles for the publication in the journal. Articles are published in Russian and English free of charge.


  • Various aspects of image processing, recognition, encoding, and transmission
  • Radio signals, antennas, radar and sonar
  • Queueing theory
  • Neural networks
  • Large cluster of matrix studies and their applications to information encoding and processing
  • Mathematical modeling of various systems and processes
  • Telecommunications
  • Radio signals
  • Information segmentation, protection, encoding, storage and transmission
  • Programming
Indexing systems: VAK, SCOPUS. Quartile: Q3

Zapiski Gornogo Instituta / Journal of Mining Institute

The journal “Zapiski Gornogo Instituta / Journal of Mining Institute” has been published by St. Petersburg Mining University since 1907 as a periodical scientific and scientific and educational edition.

The purpose of the journal is to support the development of innovative, basic and applied research in mining and geological, technical and economic sciences and to promote the advanced results to the national and international scientific, educational and economic space; to improve the quality of professional training for the mining industry and the mineral resources complexes development within the terms of Russian State strategy and world trends in the progress of science and higher professional education.

Indexing systems: Scopus, WoS, GeoRef, Google Scholar, RSCI, CyberLeninka.

Intelligent technologies in transport

The journal "Intelligent technologies in transport" is a peer-reviewed scientific electronic publication intended for publishing the research results, summarizing research in technical branches of knowledge in higher educational institutions, research institutes, large industrial enterprises, research and production associations of the Russian Federation, as well as foreign authors, and the results of the action research done on the authors’ initiative.

Plant Protection News

“Plant Protection News” is a scientific peer-reviewed journal that publishes results of original research, reviews, discussion notes and chronicles related to plant protection.

The Journal promotes modern methods of plant protection, including development of resistant plant varieties and biological means of pest control; phytosanitary monitoring of agroecosystems; innovative approaches, technologies, economics and ecological safety of plant protection applications.

Indexing systems: RSCI and CrossRef.