St. Petersburg Federal Research Center
of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Main research areas

  • fundamentals of information society development and the digital economy in Russia;

  • fundamentals of complex modeling, automation of proactive monitoring and management of information processes in complex (info -, bio-, eco-, agro-, cogni-, socio-, geo-, aviation-space and transport) systems;

  • fundamentals and technological basics of artificial intelligence, big data, development of intelligent integrated decision support systems, multi-modal user interfaces in human-machine and robotic complexes;

  • fundamentals and technological basics of information and cyber security, post- quantum cryptosystems;

  • fundamentals of sustainable management of the territories’ agricultural resources potential, conservation and reproduction of biological diversity of agricultural animals and crops to ensure food and environmental security of the Russian Federation;

  • fundamentals and technological basics for optimization of reclamation systems, construction and reconstruction of reclamation facilities that ensure the preservation of natural resources potential and increase the productivity of agro-landscapes;

  • fundamentals and technological models aimed at effective management of the agroecosystems’ production process based on adaptation, environment formation and biologization;

  • fundamentals and technological basics at cultivating economically expedient agricultural crops in order to create highly productive agrophytocenoses;

  • fundamentals and technological basics of agricultural production that meet the needs of various population groups in a balanced high-quality agricultural raw materials for high-quality food supplies production;

  • fundamentals and technological basics of sustainable environmental management in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation with priority for the production and consumption of locally produced food stuffs that have a high level of environmental and biological safety;

  • fundamentals of innovative and investment development of agricultural sectors and enterprises;

  • fundamentals of integrative processes development in regional agro-industrial complexes;

  • fundamentals of rural territories development, land relations and land use in the economy agrarian sector;

  • basic ecology-economic and legal problems for ecological safety ensuring;

  • fundamentals of ecosystem health assessment and maintenance, methods for their state diagnostics and prompt warning an occurrence of threats to ecological safety;

  • fundamentals and applied basics of transformation and migration of ecotoxicants in the environment;

  • basic and applied research of life cycles of natural and economic systems and objects of past environmental damage, methods and processes of rehabilitation of disturbed and polluted ecosystems and man-made landscapes, waste management systems;

  • basic research on the origin, evolution, functioning, sustainability, and lakes restoration in different physical and geographical zones;

  • development of the theory of eutrophication and pollution of internal water basins, formation of their water quality and scientific forecast of these processes based on long-term studies, accounting for natural, climatic and anthropogenic factors;

  • research fundamentals for assessing and forecasting trends in the natural resource potential of the Russian Lake Fund, its protection and rational use, taking into account the socio-economic regions' development;

  • basic and applied complex research of Lake Ladoga – the Neva river – the Gulf of Finland system as a geostrategic water object.